For the right makeup, it is necessary to answer these simple questions – What is my skin tone and what is my skin tone? Well, it is not entirely a herculean task to know about your own skin tone. But if you want to clearly understand how to find out your skin tone for makeup, this post comes straight for you. In simplest terms, skin tone is caused by the amount of melanin the skin. To determine your tone, you have to understand both the highlights as well as flaws in your skin. There is so much hiding beneath. Let us explore it before you answer how to know my skin type for makeup.

What is Your Skin Tone for Makeup?

 In short, it is the hue that reflects off the surface of your skin, most evidently on the veins. If you wonder why you need to determine your undertone, there is enough reason for that. It helps to choose right shade of makeup for the perfect glow. Before you explore your skin tone for makeup, understand your skins undertone first.
  • You have warm undertone if your skin tans without getting burnt. Burning or minimal tan refers to cool undertone. Skin with no overtone of pink or olive refers to neutral undertone.
  • Simplest test to know your spectrum of undertone is “The Vein Test”. Look at the inner side of your wrist. If you have bluish or purple veins, cool is the undertone of your skin. Green veins mean warm undertone. Your skin undertone is neutral if you cannot differentiate between the two.

How to Determine Skin Tone for Foundation?

Now that you know your skin undertone, you must also understand how to determine skin tone for foundation. It is specifically important to match the foundation shade perfectly with your skin for naturally flawless beauty. Yellow toned foundation is best for warm skin tone and cool color is favorable for cooler tones.

  • Just pull your ear forward and look at the crease of skin behind it. If it is yellow, you have warm tone and pink means your skin tone is cool.


How to Pick Makeup for Your Skin Tone?

The above guide has solved your query – how to know my skin tone for makeup? Now you have to know how to pick makeup for your skin tone?

Explore easy makeup ideas that are simple and quick to do for busy women.

To help you out, here’s a quick guide for the same –

  • Starting with blush, use shades of pink for fair skin and cool skin tone, beige for fair skin and warm tone. Coral or peach shade works wonder for medium tones whereas plum, orange, and bronze is perfect for dark skin and warm tone.
  • Eye shadow in hues of gold, green, pink, or brown looks best for warm skin tone. For cool tone, plum, blue, grey, and silver is most suitable.
  • Warm toned and dark skinned women should wear shades like champagne, red, and brown in lipstick. Women with cool tone and dark skin should go for rose, pink, and purple shades. Fair color and warm toned women should opt for lipstick in shades of warm pink and red whereas for cool tone, cool shades of purple, peach, and pink are the best.


These are some handy tips to understand how to pick makeup for your skin tone. Apply them and look beautiful forever! Loved these tips? How about sharing them on Twitter, Facebook and Google+?

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